Kryst is an unforgiving land, perhaps more than any other on Alwyd. Much of her is adrift in sand, with dunes reaching hundreds of feet into the arid sky. As terrible a mistress as she is, though, her beauty is equally remarkable. Great buttes and mesas tower above the sands, their sides streaked with blues and purples and reds. Arches large enough to drive tractors through curve through solid rock; through the centuries, the footprints of countless caravans have worn their floors smooth. The Krysters who dwell in this land were originally nomads, braving the desert to bring goods from distant ports on Lake Morandi to Tok. It was only after the first city, Zaengi, was settled that most of the nomadic quar took to permanent settlements. That free-ranging spirit of their ancestors is still strongly felt in most Krysters even today.

Perhaps the best evidence of that innate independence came in Waess, 1772. The deepening cracks in the facade of the Iron Regime split wide open in Kryst as elements of the Sand Stalkers Brigade, Leng Corrysh, and Sept Hawll – the Sun Clan, the largest in all Kryst – rebelled against the Iron Regime and ousted Alykinder’s government. Unsuspecting Crusader catrawds were wiped out in their entirety, caught unprepared by the suddenness and savageness of the revolt. Others were driven from their barracks in disarray, only to be devoured wholesale by the desert. As ominous a turn of events as this was, it could have been worse for Tok. Instead of rallying to the Royalist flag and reinstalling the First Family rule to Kryst, the parties responsible for the revolt rejected the continuation of hostilities entirely.

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