Though much smaller than the Crusader Army, the Coftyran Crymuster should never be underestimated as a fighting force. Steeped in rich martial tradition and dedicated to preserving traditional Quar society, the Crymuster is more than willing to stand and fight the Crusader juggernaut.

The rallying point of the Crymuster is the Great Wall, a monumental fortification that extends along the border of Coftyr. It is here new rhyflers are instructed, and it is both a working defensive system and a monument to Coftyr’s opposition to the Crusade. Not even the vaunted Crusader Air Fleet has been able to bypass it, as the fighters of the Royal Coftyran Flying Squadrons have turned them back on every at-

tempt. As the Crymuster is fighting a defensive war with fewer resources than the Crusade it is a fundamentally more cautious force. The GHQ will develop an operational plan, which is then scheduled in minute detail before being distributed down the ranks. Officers and rhyflers are expected to follow the main plan and know the contingency plans by heart, but are not expected to improvise upon the plan. Though this reduces flexibility, it does prevent the Crymuster from being caught overextended on the attack, or in a headlong panic on the withdrawal. This adherence to a master plan also allows for large actions to be undertaken without taxing lines of communication.

The defensive and traditionalist nature of the Crymuster has also dictated their choice of arms. The Crymuster Rhyfler wields the long 8mm Harlech bolt-action rifle. Accurate, powerful, and with an effective range of 500 m with its iron sights, the Harlech gives the Crymuster Rhyfler a weapon that outdistances the Crusader’s Bogen by almost twice. The Crymuster also makes extensive use of heavy machineguns in depth defense, creating cunning ambushes for advancing enemies. The tenth quar of every squad carries the Cryfen light machinegun, which is used to provide covering fire when enemies get too close to the squad. The squad then withdraws to prepared positions and picks off their enemies again.

A Coftyran rhyfler can take pride in the manufacture of his weapons, kit, and uniform. Where the Crusader uniform is a sparse, utilitarian, and mass-produced, the Coftyran uniform evokes an earlier period. Leathers are still often hand-stitched, and the sternum plate of the haversack proudly displays his unit. These are not merely quaint anachronisms—Coftyr sees itself as the last bastion of traditional civilization, and this quality and detail serve to remind the Crymuster Rhyflers of the social bonds of the Quar.

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