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This Quar’s War

This Quar's War Rule book

A primer on the proper behavior upon the field of battle, This Quar’s War allows players to recreate the valiant deeds of their ancestors. With chapters detailing both factions present at the infamous Battle for Gate 18, players can reference color uniform and heraldry plates to ensure the accuracy of their miniatures, as well as learn about the weapons their clan carried to war.

Designed for casual play, This Quar’s War offers straightforward yet challenging rules for the veteran miniatures player. Utilizing an open order system and double blind activation, the rules require both a strategic vision and the ability to improvise. Combat resolution takes the form of large dice pools, offering the chaos of war as well as a simple mechanic to seamlessly blend gameplay with the abstraction of combat.

Scenario-based force creation and historical organization charts eliminate the need for army lists and point values, which allows players to use what miniatures they own for missions of their creating. Seven historically accurate missions from the Battle for Gate 18 give players a place to start as well as a chance to see how history could have unfolded differently.

Number of Miniatures Required to Play

25+ per player, plays best with 50 or more miniatures, plus vehicles, per commander.

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Songs of Our Ancestors

Based on Flying Lead by Ganesha Games

Songs of Our Ancestors Rule Book

The Long War has entered a new phase. Decisive battles are now won by a handful of rhyflers fighting for freedom, king, or home. Based on Flying Lead and Song of Blades and Heroes, this book provides rules for fighting smaller skirmish actions between the might of Alykinder’s Crusade, the strength of the Coftyran Crymuster, and the elusive Partisans of Elghmore.

With only five to fifteen rhyflers per side, commanders can lead several smaller conflicts within a shorter amount of time. Individual rhyflers live or die by their choices as Yawdryls and is-Caertens keep the group moving toward their objective. With the support of Cavalry and heavy weapon teams, a bold Caerten may lead his charges to victory whether they fight for their freedom, their king, or their home.

Number of Miniatures Required to Play:

5+ per player, plays best with 6 to 10 miniatures per commander. Larger games can be played with more rhyflers or by adding vehicles.

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Which Game is Right for You?

Why Play This Quar’s War?
If you like: Warhammer 40k, Flames of War, Tomorrow’s War

The streamlined combat and order systems make for a quicker mass battle game then the skirmish orientated Songs of Our Ancestors. Miniatures are activated as units instead of individuals allowing the recreation of the larger struggles of The Long War. If you are looking for company level, unit based tactics with the option of supporting vehicles and specialists then This Quar’s War is your system.

Why Play Songs of Our Ancestors?
If you like: Necromunda, Flying Lead, Infinity

Individual activations for each miniature make every individual a crucial element of your plan. With fewer miniatures per player it is easier, and quicker, to get a playable force to the table. After expanding your ranks a little you might even have enough miniatures for This Quar’s War.

Expansions for Both Systems

Of Spats and Pedrails

Of Spats and Pedrails Rule Book

An expansion for both Songs of Our Ancestors and This Quar’s War, this book provides rules for fighting both large and small actions between the might of Alykinder’s Crusade, the strength of the Coftyran Crymuster, and the elusive Partisans throughout the continent.

Introducing rules for the fighting vehicles of Alwyd for both systems, Commanders can now bring the full weight of an armoured assault against their opponent. Expanding on the Baeliog rules from TQW now allows players to field squadrons of lighter tractors and even design their own. For SOA the addition of vehicles adds the tactical challenge of tractor crews that activate as one unit.

This book also includes rules for the tenacious Royalists of Fidwog and the rebellious forces of Kryst. New profiles for SOA for both factions allow the addition of specialist units and characters. Rules for elite units in TQW give new options to commanders representing the best rhyflers of Alwyd.

With new missions and more historical background, Of Spats and Pedrails is an invaluable resource for Commanders pursuing victory in The Long War.

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Tales of the Breach

Tales of the Breach Rule Book

An expansion for both Songs of Our Ancestors and This Quar’s War, this book adds over thirty exciting new missions for players to experience, including special rules and new characters that players can use in their own missions. This book also introduces linked missions, called operations, where the outcome of each battle affects the parameters of the next.

The operations and missions in this book concentrate on the year 1772, the pivotal and tumultuous eleventh year of the Crusade. Events throughout Alwyd are retold in Stories and Songs, while Blood on the Wall re-creates events that led to the famous breach of the Coftyran Wall. Relive the battles of your ancestors, and find out if your leadership can change the outcome of The Long War. Join us in telling the Tales of the Breach!

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